How to choose the best baby skin care

As a future parent, you will take care that your little one has everything he/she needs, and this primarily includes car seat, crib, stroller, and many other pieces of equipment. But first and most important thing for proper care about your baby are baby skin care products.

Your baby must have appropriate cosmetic that will not harm him but will provide adequate skin care. First and most important product is baby cream. You will use it in huge amounts, because you apply it on baby’s intimate region every time you change the diaper.

Besides baby cream, let’s not forget wet wipes. They are also important because you first use them when you start diaper change-to wipe off residues of pee or poop off baby’s skin, before applying cream. The best wet wipes are those without alcohol as alcohol dries baby’s skin.

However when choosing infant skin care products, keep in mind that cosmetic manufacturers always put at least several synthetic chemicals to enhance overall quality of product, and these chemicals can be potential threat for baby’s delicate skin and health.

Every mother wants to assure maximum safety in baby skin care. Natural and organic cosmetic products are leading trend in the world, and they will surely replace all current conventional and synthetic cosmetic products in a very recent future.

What are advantages of natural and organic baby skin care products?

After birth, baby’s skin is not protected enough, while being exposed to many harmful outside factors, it can’t handle on its own. Baby’s epidermis is very thin and porous, so potentially harmful substances can easily penetrate through baby’s skin because its dermis is not fully developed due to lack of collagen and elastin fibers.

Babies and toddlers absorb more of infant skin care products into skin and blood stream, thus being under higher risk of system toxicity-and this is the more reason why you must buy high-quality cosmetic products. Baby cosmetic products have to be adapted to their highly sensitive skin, because baby skin is more porous and immune response is lower.

Usual baby skin care involves baby cosmetic products that are mixture of numerous chemicals that create foam, nice smell and smoothness, as well as numerous conservatives and colors. It is no wonder that almost 75% of newborns in USA experienced rash in first few months of life, and pediatricians explain this with often use of synthetic ingredients, conservatives and artificial perfumes/fragrances in baby skin care products. Such products are foamy baths, shampoos, fragrance massage oils-products that are most popular among baby skin care products!

These days, moms are more conscious and want to avoid any risk involved with synthetic chemicals or questionable conservatives such as parabens that can negatively affect baby’s development. It is no wonder that organic and natural baby skin care is absolute must-have!

In organic cosmetics anything that poses risk for human health is forbidden, as well as ingredients that are questionable and unchecked; it doesn’t accept methods of processing of natural materials that are even slightly risky for human health (such as Nanotechnology, GMO, sterilization with radiation, etc.).

Most popular natural ingredients in baby cosmetic these days are those from organic growth such as organic almond, Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, flower of sweet orange, as well as herbal oils of primrose, olive, Sunflower. It is interesting to mention that Shea butter is replacing Vaseline in baby creams because there are more and more info that Vaseline can clog pores and irritate skin, and as petrochemical derivate is becoming related to development of certain cancers.

If your baby or toddler has sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation, or if he suffers from atopic dermatitis, than colloid oat meal is a real cosmetic treasure.


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