How to Buy a Baby Diaper

One of the most burning dilemmas of all future moms is what baby diaper to choose. The main question is: disposable diapers or cotton diapers?

If you go for cotton diapers, you can get them with an adjustable waist. These diapers are made for babies from 3 to 17 kilograms, and you adjust size with Velcro tape. Along with these diapers, you need protective panties that protect clothes from leaking. They can be bought in an appropriate size. It is important to keep in mind that you have to buy at least 30 cotton infant diaper so you have a stash for a few days because washing and drying these diapers takes some time. You also have to get at least 4 protective panties that you will get periodically as the baby grows.

If you choose disposable diapers, you should buy them in an appropriate size in your local market.

Using cotton panties can be complicated in practice. Diapers, pads, and protective panties have to be prepared in advance, while disposable baby diapers are easy to put and take off.
With cotton diapers, the cleaning process takes time because you have to sort them, wash them, dry them and iron them, while disposable diapers you just throw away.

Buying cotton panties is much simpler, though. Once you get your stash, you don’t have to worry if you will have enough of them. Disposable diapers have to be bought constantly and you always must care you don’t stay without them.
When we analyze expenses for the purchase of disposable diapers, they are divided to the entire period of diaper use, in comparison to start investment with cotton diapers being larger, but one-time. When you sum up expenses for diapers, you will save at least 50% with cotton diapers, in comparison to expenses for disposable infant diapers.
Disposable diapers cause much more damage to the environment, except for the amount of water we use to wash cotton diapers.

Cotton diapers are much healthier for your baby because they are made of cotton that lets the baby’s skin breathe, while disposable diapers are simply “plastic”. Unlike cotton diapers that are quite uncomfortable, the baby barely feels the disposable diaper. This is the reason why babies that use cotton diapers will stop using them sooner than disposable diaper users.

If you choose disposable diapers, you primarily want to get those that will not cause irritation, so make sure to read the material used for diapers. Always make sure you get the right size. You will easily get the right size as every diaper package is clearly indicated with the baby weight it is made for. If you are not sure that particular size is good for your little one, in the beginning get the smaller size to determine the right one. The elastic band around the legs and waist shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose (because liquid could go where there is loose space).
Another thing to consider when buying diapers is its power of absorption. The big advantage of disposable diapers is their ability to maintain the sensation of dryness for a long period of time. A dry baby is a happy baby and the baby sleeps longer.