How to Buy Baby Crib Bedding

Considering that baby skin is very sensitive and gentle, it is important to carefully choose everything that will be in contact with it (natural and quality materials are a must). The clear advantage of baby bedding made of organic cotton is that it is not treated with any chemicals which means that baby skin is completely protected of absorbing harmful chemicals and toxins. Natural cotton bedding is very soft and gentle baby skin adapts to it easily. The biggest advantage of it is the fact that it is hypoallergenic and it doesn’t absorb dust and other dirt. Besides this, organic cotton bedding is long-lasting so you can use it until the baby transfers to a bigger bed.

When parents choose baby bedding for baby cribs, it is good to keep in mind several basic facts. For one, baby duvet and pillows are not recommended for babies under 1 year old because these can cause overheating or accidentally cause suffocation. Instead, use a baby blanket. This way you can easily regulate the temperature: if it is hot, use a thin blanket, and if it is cold, use two of them. Also, since you are not going to use pillows, you don’t need a sheet for it.

When buying bedding for a baby crib, make sure to prepare at least 2-3 cotton sheets. For the first months in the crib, it is also good to buy one cotton protection bedding for crib sides.

It is also important to choose a baby crib that is appropriate for the size of the baby. If you buy a baby bed that is initially too big for your little one, don’t add pillows or blankets around the sides to decrease available space around the baby because the baby could accidentally suffocate on them. It is better to buy a smaller crib for the first few months of your baby’s life.

When placing the baby in the crib, put the baby in so that her feet nearly touch the bottom of the crib. All the blankets and sheets should be rolled under the mattress, so that the baby can’t get them from under the mattress. The baby’s head shouldn’t be covered. This is because babies regulate their temperature over the head, so don’t forget to put on a cotton cap on her head when putting her to sleep.

Another option is to buy a sleeping bag that is ideal for restless babies that often move blankets off of themselves.

Toys in the baby crib

It is not a good idea to place toys in the baby crib. No matter how pretty they are, they can accidentally fall over the baby’s head and cause overheating or accidental suffocation.

How to decrease risk of SIDS in baby crib?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death for babies 1 months old and over. Although research on causes for SIDS is still ongoing, there are some practical methods you can apply to decrease the risk and make the baby crib a safe place for your little one:

  • If you are a smoker, stop smoking. If you can’t stop, never smoke near the baby or in the room where the baby stays. This also applies to the father and other family members and friends that come to visit
  • Never allow overheating. You will do that by controlling the temperature in the room where the baby sleeps. The ideal temperature is between 16-20 °C. Use a thermometer to follow room temperature
  • Don’t cover the baby’s head when putting her to sleep
  • Place the baby in the bottom of the crib so that the baby’s feet will nearly touch the bottom. That will prevent the baby from getting under the blanket while she turns in sleep
  • The baby’s crib shouldn’t be in the parent’s bedroom
  • Avoid co-sleeping
  • If you are concerned about your baby’s health, visit your pediatrician