Ecoable Reusable 5 Layers Charcoal Bamboo Inserts Liners for Baby Cloth Diapers Pockets or Covers (Pack of 6)

  • We use highest quality materials to make very absorbent and super soft charcoal bamboo inserts for use with baby cloth diapers. Reusable diaper inserts are made of 5 layers: 2 outer layers charcoal bamboo / 3 inner layers microfiber.
  • Charcoal bamboo inserts are designed to fit most One Size cloth diapers with a length of 13 inches and a width of 5 inches. ecoAble insert won’t bunch up and can be stuffed inside a pocket diaper or placed inside a diaper cover.
  • Charcoal bamboo inserts are perfect choice for your heavy wetter – insert can absorb a lot of moisture. Charcoal bamboo inserts can be added as an extra doubler inside over-night cloth diaper.
  • Stay-Dry Feel: Charcoal bamboo material can be placed next to the skin; it is very porous, wicking moisture from your baby’s bum to keep them dry. Antibacterial: Charcoal bamboo contains antibacterial qualities and helps prevent diaper rash.
  • CARE: Warm machine wash. Low tumble dry or line dry. Do not boil. No bleach. No fabric softeners. Charcoal bamboo cloth diaper inserts are ready for use just after one wash. However, because of the natural oils in the fabric, this cloth diaper insert needs multiple washings before reaching maximum absorbency.

ecoAble charcoal bamboo inserts designed to fit multiple brands of one-size pocket cloth diapers. These inserts can be laid inside diaper cover against skin. Charcoal bamboo inserts will keep your baby’s bum dry. Charcoal bamboo material is highly porous, making it highly effective for moisture absorption. Inserts are naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, this helps reduce diaper rashes. Charcoal bamboo cloth diaper inserts have 5 layers: 2 layers of 100% bamboo charcoal materials and 3 layer

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diapering System, 6 Diapers plus 12 Inserts, All American, One-Size

  • 6 Diapers 12 Inserts Set Project Child Save One Size
  • Snap Closure
  • Leak proof
  • Wide-leg casing adjustments and adjustable leg elastic
  • Wide-back elastic

We love cloth diapers for their many benefits and we love Charlie Banana because of its versatility. Charlie Banana diapers are a “2-in-1″ reusable diaper system that is made of a fabulously colored PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer waterproof layer, and an incredibly soft microfleece stay-dry inner layer. Each Charlie Banana cloth diaper comes with two thick microfiber inserts (4-ply) – one is short (approx. 12″) and one is long (approx. 13”)- one for the day and two for nighttime absorbency. T